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Tuesday, September 3

Why do some lesbians think it necessary to brawl with each other in full public view? I just witnessed 4 lesbos of varying shapes and sizes hurling abuse and throwing kicks and punches around. I eyed them cautiously from the comfort of my shop and only became a little bit concerned when a wheelie bin went flying past the doorway. It was quite a show they put on. It had me and my work collegues on tenter hooks (whatever they may be) as we egged them on silently and discussed the undignified way in which the carried out their domestics. It wasn't until one of them turned round to face us and gave me a wave and a cheery grin that I realised I actually knew these people. I was ashamed to be associated with these things that throw each other around like that. I mean, just cos they look like ugly men, does that mean they have to act like they've been shooting up way too much testosterone and crunching raw meat for every meal? Must they live up to every stereotype that is cast their way? I really wish they wouldn't. Whay anyone would want the whole of the world to hear about who they have or havn't been shagging is beyond me. I'm more concerned about the visuals that this has thrown up. I really never wanted to ever think about any of these cowboy, cigar smoking freaks in the throws of passion but after some of the accusations that were bandied about mid fight I now know that Jumbo Jenny is selfish in bed while her girlfriend Lean Lenny has been doing her cousin. Chucked in for good measure is the knowledge that their mutual friend with the 4 eyebrow piercings has been licking both their pusses unbeknownst to each other. Until now that is. Oh and the mutual friend ('Dee I'm led to believe) can't find the clitoris apparently. I really will sleep well tonight, safe in the knowledge that not every lesbo is a fantastic lay. Goodnight readers.