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Friday, October 4

Bras really bother me. Not because I'm real lazy and hate taking them off other people because it cuts into quality sexual time but because bras on me are quite absurd. Someone pinged my bra the other day and I was shocked because for one second it didn't register what they were doing... For one split second I forgot I wore one. It's not that I think boobs look better when they are not secured in tight material because I hate saggy boobs as much as the next lesbian but sometimes I feel that smashing around like a tomboy (note, that's tomboy, not man) and wearing a bra just doesn't seem right. Actually, it's not really the bra itself that bothers me, it's the fact that because I'm a girl I have to wear one otherwise I'd be bouncing around like a whore on a cock. I just don't think I need to have boobs. The fanny I do not mind. I would rather have a beaver than a snake. I'd rather have a sexual organ contained almost within my body than one that's almost detached from the self and let's face it, if fannies are ugly, willies are repulsive. I wondered if I could remove my boobs and just have a fanny, would I? Just suppose for one minute that you could pick and choose which parts of you you would like to be manly and which parts you would like to be womanly. It'd make for an interesting society, all these half man/half woman people running around not knowing what they are exactly and not knowing who they should be shagging or how. If one day I woke up and was told I could get rid of one part of my body, depsite the fact that I hate every part quite immensely, I guess the boobs would be the first to go. I just don't think I suit boobs. I always wear clothes that de-accentuate them, in order to draw as little attention to them as possible in the hope that people may forget I have them, but I would never bandage them down and take testosterone because I don't actually want to be a fully fledged man. Maybe I just want a six pack. Maybe I want to be able to wear a fitted shirt that doesn't splay open around the boob area, no matter how big a size I get. Maybe I just want a change. I've had these babies for about 12 years and they do nothing. They just sit there looking silly and mocking me with their stupid nipples. Whatever my boob problem is, I'm sure I will be over it by next week when maybe I'll decide that I want a cock to play with afterall. I like to change my mind about things frequently so as I don't get bored with my own thoughts. I think I will go now and think about other people's boobs instead of my own.

Listening to: Those damn first years who know not now to use a computer.

Today's Likes

My new nailvarnish which comes complete with sprinkly sparkles
My glittery sweatband which is weighing my wrist down
Diesel jeans

Today's Dislikes

Jealousy, it's a terrible thing you know
Broken links in the dykewrite ring
Bad bad dreams
Fillingless university sandwiches
Fat phones