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Thursday, October 10

Found this little 'label' game on Ariel's site...

Who are you?

So, I'm a skater chick huh? Well I guess that's pretty accurate if you take away my inability to skate or even look good holding one and I think my men's jeans are baggy in the wrong places (i.e not all over but mainly in the crotch area) but I suppose I accesorise like a skater chick with all them cheapo bangles, sweatbands, outlandish nail colours and anything else luminous that doesn't go with anything. I'm pretty style-less actually but what little style I do have is good for me and seems to work out ok. If I had to label myself I'd say my style was the Mixmatched Identity Crisis look where basically anything is thrown together (from pink ties and orange bangles to rainbow sweatbands and pastel coloured ribbons). Really it's all wrong but I kinda like it. I follow trends as well as I follow football (I don't even know the rules) so it's much cheaper dressing myself badly in whatever I grab first as I do not have to trawl the shops daily to make sure my gypsy frill has the correct amount of ruffle or my fitted rugby shirt has the right amount of stripes. It's boring and costly and rugby shirts... ladies, do you play that sport that is so often associated with the more butch of females? No, so why pretend you do by wearing delicately coloured striped shirts just because your boy has a more masculaine one. His and Her outfits are such a no no. Worse still is hers and hers outfits. As soon as I start dressing like someone I go out with that's it, single city here I come. Of course if you go out with someone some of their style will rub off on you and vice versa but a pair of jeans is ok, as is borrowing their shoes but as soon as you start accesorising like them and mimicking their every bangle and hair bobble, it's time to get out. Or if someone starts walking around pretending to be you and trying to buy items of clothes that suit them as well as they suit any shade of individuality it's the most annoying thing in the world and they really need to sort it out. I don't think I am particularly individual (no one who shops in high street stores can ever say they are original, no matter how much they unmatch stuff up) but I don't want to be immitated by people I know who cannot pull of fingerless gloves teamed with a Barbie hat. It's not big and it's not clever and it's by no means cool to want to dress like someone as oddly matched as me so for the sake of your own fashion sense you really shouldn't do it. Now I'm away to slit my writs because the sweat band is becoming a bit too fashionable once again.

And if any one did see Tipping the Velvet... was there much nudity?? Will I really go as red as a clotted period when I watch it in the company of 3 other lady queers? Answers on a postcard please.