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Wednesday, October 2

Good morning one and all. Or just one. It has been brought to my attention by Miss Charmin that I need to tell more interesting stories... or at least explain the meaning behind my likes and dislikes. The ones that are explainable are the self-explanatory ones such as 'Today I like: early grey tea with a drop of milk', and 'Today I dislike: 'crusty faces'. These types of statement are there for everyone to understand. The statements, however, that most people don't understand are mainly there for the purpose of certain people who will know exactly what I'm talking about when they read a statement that is meant solely for them to understand. Sometimes these statements may be a token of love, but as I'm not very full of love (mostly just shit) then more often than not, it will be a dig at a certain situation or event that happened. I'm petty I know. I try not to be, honest I do but try as I might, as soon as I find myself writing 'Today's Dislikes', something seems to come over me like a gush of man come and I'm being all vindictive and spiteful. It has to stop. From now on I will try harder to be a nicer person. I give it 4 minutes.