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Monday, October 14

I hate going out dancing when it is as cold as it is at the moment. Thursday through to the present day has seen the weather turn cold as Winter and it puts no one in a mood to donn small clothes and strutt their asses out to the clubs of Aberdeen. Instead, I favoured a night in with the usual crew at The Queen of Fun's house. I decided that I did not need alcohol in my life on Saturday nite and instead found myself drinking gallons of perfect tea and tropical Tango and watched as a few others also gave up alcool for the sake of a few hours. This did not make our evening less sedated and the conversations were as vile as always, mainly about shagging whores (Beautiful Boy and Sexy G had been gaying it up in Blackpool and had the unfortunate experience of checking into a B&B from hell and hearing every sordid detail of a whore and her men and every last scream and wince to boot), fanny farts and who can do them on call (can't reveal any names) and the usual shit. Literally. Queen of Fun and Lesbo Bob drooled their way to sleep as we waited a good 3 hours for a taxi as clearly every other Aberdonian fucker had the same idea of not walking home and freezing to death. Funny that.

Sunday was spent trawling the shops for accessories to add to my outfit for the up and coming fancy dress party taking place on Saturday night. The Queen and Lil Red both have birthdays this month so we thought we'd celebrate with a lack of style and go dressed as anything we please. I'm Rainbow Brite although the thought of putting these legs in a shiny dress is just plain cruel for the viewing masses and so I may well end up going as a rainbow in purple jeans or something equally hideous. Also on the guest list, although this is not confirmed and people are open to change their minds at any point during the week..., are: Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz who Beautiful Boy will be - he needs no excuse to slip into a gingham dress, the lion from same film which may well see Straight Man A in a lovely brown ensemble, Alice in Wonderland who Lesbo Bob may be and which may even constitue her being in drag... (sorry Bob), a gansta which will have all the lesbos dribbling over J Bo and a Sumu in an ever expanding suit which will see the Queen being thrown around the room like a space hopper and subsequenttly burst in the same fashion as all space hoppers have been popped at every party. Oh and Lil Red is gonna be drunk smurf. The others have not disclosed who they will be so I'm a bit too excited at seeing the final results on Saturday. I'm counting down the hours. Once again I have too much time on my hands.

Anyway, dissertation research is calling me. Along with the need to eat shit tastless sandwiches.