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Tuesday, October 29

I have been thinking about hot ladies a considerable amount of late. I think it's the winter. I think it plays havoc with my hormones. The other day I spent about half my meagre pay on videos featuring hot ladies jumping around to lame plots and shite scripts. Some of the beauties were Legally Blonde for lil Reesey, Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle for the oh so stunning Piper Perabo and Josie and The Pussycats for a bunch of random hot tottie. Quite horrendous films mainly but too many blondes too oogle over. Of course Britney in pants was thrown my way on the day of its release and then there was the final part of Tipping the Velvet which concluded sadly on Wednesday night so, every inght for the past week and a day I've watched a different sexy lady in action. I think this is normal behaviour for a lesbo and I probably shouldn't be too concerned. I'm just coming to realise that there is room in my life for more than just Britney who will always remain number 1 so don't worry your tight ass about that lady.

I was gutted that Tipping came to an end on Wednesday night and even more gutted that for reasons outwith my control, that I had to wait til I was hungover on Sunday to finally watch. It was well worth the wait however as it was wall to wall with hot dykes. Okay there were two. My new favourite lady is the quite delectable Rachel Stirling (aka Nan King) whose voice is slightly annoying but you gotta let something like that go when a lady is as hot as she is, especially when she is kissing Jodhi May with all that tongue... Hmmmm.

And now for the concluding part of Fee's daliance with hot chicks: After walking home in the biting wind (hello I'd had a curry the previous evening)I decided to reward my lack of appearance at uni with porn. I couldn't resist. Aside from the Jordan porn I bought last week I hadn't bought porn in since I was as good as pre pubescent. Anyway, Jordan doen't count as she was purchased over the Internet and therefore involved no public humiliation. I brazenly walked into the local newsagent, pulled my choice from the higher than 8ft top shelf, slapped it in front of the red boy and ordered some paracetamol to go. Porn should only be purchased in groups for group mockery or as a joke like sliding it under a flatmates door. Otherwise it gets worrying. It wasn't just any porn though. It was the November edition of Playboy featuring the original Buffy; nude. I had to. As a rule I don't really wanna see naked celebs as I think it kinda cheapens them but I really had to have naked Kirsty Swanson in my collection of scanitly clad women magazines. It just so happens that she was less than scantily clad and I may never look at her face again, having witnessed her other set of far prettier lips but hey. I'm a perv, so what about it??

Oh and just prior to this porn buying incident I saw a hottie jogging toward me grinning. It was my hairdresser that I completly worship and who is hotter than my Sunday night curry. She is a pure, unadulterated MILF and I love her.

And so I go to see an invalid and maybe clean up some vomit for the pure ill lesbo.