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Monday, October 21

I'd love to tell you all about the fancy dress party that was supposed to be my social event of the week but I only know the details of what occured between the hours of 7pm and 11pm and missed the vital 'wasted' hours between 11 and beyond. It's not because I got so twatted that my memory has inconveniently erased itself, it's more to do with the combination of homemade punch, funny fags and the worst migraine in history. These factors made sure that I was closed upstairs in a darkened room with only a chilly floor and randomly undressing people for company. I felt the sore head come on around half seven but having no drugs I thought if I drank seriously strong punch then the pain would eradicate itself by the time I was on glass number 4. Many glasses later the pain was so severe that I'd have happily sliced the top off my head, stuffed my fingers inside and pulled on some veins to make it stop. It was horrendous. I was getting gobby anyway so it was probably a wise idea for me to shut myself in a room all alone. People came and went and I heard people changing and kissing and then yelling and screaming the wrong words to Moulin Rouge. I don't really know what I missed. I got to see everyone dressed up which was highly amusing. So, who were the guests of honour? Myself as Rainbow Shite made a good coupling with Cross Dress Smurf who was the cutest smurf I ever did see, the Sumo and the Geisha complemented each other as well as gerkins and fish, Bananaman and 60s Chic Chick were more beauitiful when they swapped outfits and Bananaman became a woman, Lebso Bob was amazing as butch Madonna complete with cone tits and jumbo frizzy wig, J Bo was hot as a gangsta with the longest (somehow sexy) cigarette holder which could have pleasured any lesbian, Beautiful Boy was the most unfeminine Dorothy I've ever seen with hairy legs and wool wig to match and s/he was hand in hand with a wannabe Eminem style Sexy G. Dorothy would never stoop so low but oh how sparkley were her ruby slippers... Oh and how could I forget Straight Man A's ingenious costume of a plain clothes policeman?? :-) It was all very entertaining but there were possibly too many butches in skirts... (myself included) The punch was potent and probably the last thing I was aware of was another fake jobbie floating around quite conspiciously in said punch. I don't know what else went in there, aside from an OXO cude, pizza, dregs, lighters and pretty much anything else that was lying around but I do know that much of it was drank and that there was more than 1 anrgy person over the state of the punch the following morning. Many people came to check I hadn't choked on my own vomit ("shame" many of you will be saying) and I appreciated their gestures, despite having thrown up more of my stomach lining than I had food. One Mad A thought I would be cured by her stupidity and she strutted in with J BO's heels on with the fake jobbie (soggy from the punch) speared through one of the scarily sharp heels. I think she clumped about with a poop on her shoe for most of the evening but of course, I can't be sure of this, not being there to witness anything except the inside of the toilet. Sadly I didn't die in my sleep and about 24 hours later, my migraine finally subsided as did my foul mood. So, I'm actually rather gutted about having missed so much of the party but I think 3 hours in a skirt was more than long enough for me and these legs. Lecturers to see, bad breath to fix.

Today's Likes

Lack of sore heads
Surprise Calls
Getting to watch Crossroads tonight for Britney in teeny underwear
Nelly & Kelly the remix
Hardly any classes this week

Today's Dislikes

Swollen fingers...
Zero Cash
Being here til 6pm

Oh and for the record, Justin rules