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Friday, October 18

All I am inspired to do today is bounce around in multi coloured clothing to ultra cheesy pop. I aint talking Britney or Shakira here, I'm talking the Dairy Lea of all pop with tunes by the hideous Lolly and stuff by teen Abba rip off 'bands'. I can't help it. I don't know if it has something to do with the fact that I'm sitting here in a canary yellow tank top with a bright green tee underneath. It's all too much for a lover of all things purple blue black and pink. These luminous colours, apart from ensuring that I will not get knocked down in the dark tonight, seem to make me wanna get up and air punch viciously to worse music that I normally listen to. I was searching through my CD collection for goodies to take along to the fancy dress party tomorrow and I'm ashamed of more than 3/4 of the CDS in my vast collection. I found at least 7 Smurfy CDs. Some English, some dutch, some german and some unclassifiable. I had forgotten that my Smurf obsession had gone as far as buying the ridiculously happy and sick music they were never really famous for. And if Lil Red thinks she can turn up to a fancy dress party dressed as Cross Dresser Smurf then she better makes sure that she gets down and shakes her ass to the theme tune (in any language she prefers). My outfit is almost complete and comprises of a pink frilly skirt, yellow tank top and green tee, a multi coloured tu-tu, puke yellow hair, knee length rainbow socks and various other accessories to add to the effect of being Miss Multi Coloured 2002. I'm quite concerned about wearing a skirt for the first time since I swaned around in tie dye at age 16. Not only should these legs always be kept in baggy jeans but I'm worried that with the amount of tumbles and dirty dancing lifts that I get involved in when drunk that my fat ass is gonna make more than 83 appearances. Just make sure I don't commit myself to the immenent game of Twister, for the sake of all participants. I must go, i have to paint a rainbow and buy some really large pants.

Have a swell weekend.