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Wednesday, October 9

You have no idea how excited I am about a certain TV programme on tonight. My favourite book has been turned into a 3 part drama featuring the most explicit lesbian sex ever to be shown on television. Tipping the Velvet airs tonight at 9pm, I have waited for ages for it to come on and guess who can't even watch it till tomorrow? Oh me. The joys of working til 9pm are not particularly joyous so instead of watching only half of it on my own, I'm hanging with my dykes to watch it tomorrow evening: a lesbo programme accompanied by some lovely food, some cold beer and great company. I've never had more than one lesbo in my life at any one time and usually I am going out with her so it's very novel to have a girlfriend and 2 really great lesbo friends to watch this with. I know I wont be the only one blushing when the naked chicks come on though. Naked hot chicks is what I meant to say. If you are on planet 'straight' or planet 'uninformed' then your should visit this link for more about it. It's really not to be missed but will not be surfing any Britsih lesbo blogs till once I have watched it on Thursday so no giving away all the juicy details ladies...