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Thursday, October 3

My first week back at university has been about as eventful as the Aberdeen nighlife. Being in alternate days should make uni easier to attend, having a full 24 hours off in between classes is as much as any student could ask for. My timetable totals about 13 hours but despite the minimal time I'm actaully expected to show up, I still have managed to attend only half my classes and in each of these educational stints the only words that have registered is 'ok that's it for today'. I suppose fourth year is the year that I'm supposed to become a social hermit and work my ass off so I can get a decent job doing fuck knows what but really, I don't see it happening. I'm aiming for a third. At least I set my standards high. I'm not the only one. And so in my hours upon hours of university boredom I'm glad to have my time on the net to entertain me. While Mr Trashwhore will not be re joinng us this year (I fear we have lost him to bad drugs and whores), we do have the welcom return of Straight Man A who's prose puts my immature ramblings to shame. I know many of you will remember this boy from his Try Hard Loser days but unfortunately, due to a very long and drunken 5 months away from uni, the boy forgot his username and password and has been forced to start all over again. And so, this year Straight Man A is blogging as Sing A Happy Song. I am hoping his positivity rubs off on me. You should read him, he needs his readers back. And so, this rather lifeless blog was brought to you by one very sleepy Fee who is being forced to get off her lazy ass and perform a full days work as Miss Office Junior 2002. I do hope to return to you either later on in the day or tomorrow in my usual nasty form.

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