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Thursday, November 14

Anyway... more importantly than me offending others... I have 3 words for you: charmin! charmin! charmin! This lady is amazing. I just got the hottest Britney poster ever, in the history of Britney posters. I can now remove that age old Steps poster where they went all bondage and looked stupid in spikes and plether. Now that's offensive. So I am far too excited and may not even unravel the poster.... but that's another story completely. Thank you :-)

Today is another day at the office. I say 'another' like it's something I do often but I do it rarely happens these days. My time is too focused with uni work, fisting and nonsense. I have nothing to share with you, no fashion feux pas, no turd stories (except the one where I was forced to clean up a turd that was engrained into the tiny carpet at work after some rude customer left his skidmark) and no tales of Bo, or Gobby but fear not... there's a night in the pub to be had tomorrow so I am quite sure there will be plenty of stories for me to share with you very shortly, when my life has something more interesting in it than ridiculous polls. Yeah right, I'll be straight before my life becomes interesting.

And off i go to paint my nails some shiny barbie pink colour and read all about the trashwhore's impending attempted murder accomplish trial. Life doesn't get much better than that.