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Thursday, November 14

Fist Me Baby One More Time...

It seems as though I have managed to offend a number of people with my poll. Well, I apologise, no offence was meant but if you read my site before you would have known what to expect before visiting it to get to the poll. I use foul language, I have an immature sense of humour and I speak a lot of shit. I know this and all you who read my site know this. I never mean to offend anyone with anything I say, it's stupid, it's irrelevant but if it makes the people who read it enjoy it or smile for even a second then it has served its purpose. My language, as was so rightly pointed out is not 'eloquent', it's really not supposed to be. I'm quite sure I could garble a heap of shite in 'eloquent' language if I really tried but it's not in keeping with my style so that's why I write the way I do. I can't expect everyone to enjoy it but then I certainly don't enjoy every site I read, it's just not possible. Anyway, I can't say anything else about it because what was meant as a joke has been taken out of context.

And for the record... for you lovely people who did not take my poll seriously and did dignify it with an answer, it would appear as though the majority of you ladies love a finger and many enjoy a whole bunch of dirty fingernails. So... for the end result... all that was conclusive was finding out that lesbos have varied sex. Really Fee?? Yes. It's true. Not all lesbos have sex in the same manner. Shallow minded Fee has had her horizons broadened with that revelation :-) So, like I say, I didn't expect it to get so misunderstood and I'd promise not to do it again but this is me and as happened this time, it will probably happen all over again unknowingly, just when I think I am having a bit of fun and whoompf... moral outrage is sparked. But thanks to those who joined in with the spirit of my crap and offensive poll anyway...