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Monday, November 25

This is my new love. We are to be married very soon. I'd love to invite you all but sadly Jodhi has requested that I keep the numbers to a minimum because she is scared of Britney's wrath. I have told my Britney not to worry, that she is always number 1 but till the day I can have Britney all to myself, without fear of curly Justin and The Lord interferring, I will have Jodhi May as my wife. She doesn't mind playing second best to my love Britney and is using me as second best til Nan King finally comes to life. She is, however, worried that Britney will come to the wedding where I will be decked out in a beautiful white dress (which will do nothing for my hips) and court shoes and yell obscenities at her and this is why I cannot risk telling all where the wedding will take place. But for those who do know, I'll see you at Kings College Chapel at 1pm Saturday, bring vodka and menthols and be ready to fend of an incarnation of Nan King and the real Britney and her 10ft wide bodyguard.

Oh and I found these pictures here. The site is Spanish or Italian and no, I don't speak either well but I do understand the term 'photo gallerie'. I'm very bright.

Oh and if u see no picture of my future wife, refresh the page a couple times and you may find her.