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Tuesday, November 26

I watched a programme the other day on asses. Being a connoisseur of a fine ass I thought I was really going to be spoilt. I thought my desire for a good ass in bootcuts would be satisfied but alas, all I was treated to was a bunch of woman wanting asses the size and shape of J Lo's and going to hideous lengths to get such a bulgy butt. Apparently the J Lo arse is trendy right now and many a desperado is gettnig their ass shaped and gouged and bruised so under a great deal of clothes, it will look like the big bum of said J Lo. We saw one woman getting lipo from every possible area so the fat could be injected into her butt so the surgeon could play around with it, draw on it, shove scalpels and needles in it for the end result of an ass you could prop books upon. The woman in question marched around with her new jumbo bum like a duck would waddle its way to the pond. What's attractive about a bum that sticks out so far that I could have rested my pint and my 4 course dinner on it from the other end of the beach? And what is elegant about swaning around like you've got 4 fists shoved up your shitter? I don't get it. And what's worse, I think this phenomenum will give rise to the classic blue jean arse. People are going to be marching around trying to squeeze their once small butts into under sized jeans, with the pockets of such tiny dolls' jeans resting so far up their ass that their ass is elongated to the point whereby it appears to be banging off the backs of their ankles. Tell me why this is right? It's not. J Lo has gotta go and she's gotta take that ass with her because while it may suit her shape and figure, it can surely not suit every bikini clad tart whos boyfriend pays for this surgery so he can play with her fleshy cheeks from another room in the house so he doesn't have to look at her moaning, plastic, champagne swilling face.

However, if someone with such an ass would like to get together with me so I can have my chips with real gravy then please do get in touch.