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Tuesday, November 12

Like most bloggers, I keep track of the visitors who visit my site. Yesterday I had my highest day of visitations in the 9 months that I have been writing this. Jesus 9 months. I could have had a fat baby Fee in that time, aren't you glad I took up this hobby instead of making ugly babies? Anyway, from my humble beginnings back in February when I had a mere 2 visitors in the form of 2 friends who felt sorry for me, I have grown and have a steady following behind my large ass. Despite all the people that come visit me (I'm sure that 165 people in one day visiting a stupid weblog is quite a lot, I have studied the figures of others and it appears that this is pretty good considering my site has no substance or relevance whatsoever), only a selected handful actually leave comments or sign my guestbook. I know these people come back and check me and almost daily but I just wish I knew who they were so I could say hey and maybe thanks for being interested. If they have webpages I could check out theirs in return and leave them nice comments too but people, if you don't tell me who you are I can't do this. I understand you may be shy but while my fanny may bite, the rest of me doesn't so the next time you are in the area, make your presense known with a kind word, a sneaky fart or maybe even an accidental muff puff. I leave it up to you.

Since I began blogging I have discovered many people and their weird and wonderful ways which I would never have known about had I not emersed myself into the blogging lifestyle in order to whittle away the dull hours of my dull life.

I mean, I read spangle blog everyday, never fail to crack a smile over it and yet, despite miss woo living in the same city as moi and knowing at least one of the same people I do, I have never met the lady. I have read about her life, chatted on msn and seen her picture but still she remains as unknown as a penis.

Of course, then there is Mr Trashwhore who is no longer at uni but if I didn't read his blog I wouldn't know anything about his girlfriend's ma or about his latest misdemeanor which saw him being arrested on suspiscion of being an accesory to murder only 3 days ago. I hope we haven't lost him to the scary people of Aberdeen but if we have, at least his blog is still entertaining.

I also must make mention here of Straight Man A who I link to as religiously as I kiss girls. Man A is a subtley amusing writer and should update more often. I wish that were an order that you would adhere to.

Being a blogger has also led one of my loyal 'fans' and I use the term very loosely to set up on her own. No longer satisfied with the hilarity she causes when she leaves a comment, the J Bo decided to put my shit site to shame and start her own one which has the capability of being more political than Tony Blair. (sorry, couldn't think of anything witty to go with 'political' considering I don't even know what the word means.) Today's entry just made me smile a heck of a lot.

So, while fellow Aberdonians have realised there is nothing better to do here in a city of shit, I have also become acquainted with many other bloggers from just about everywhere.

First came a woman named Charmin who I believe to be a bit of a ladies lady. The lady uses words such as 'poly-amorous' in every day sentences while I have trouble even spelling them so this lady had to be mine. In a sense.

And there was a young lady called Ariel, after what I do not know and if truth be told I do not even know this lady's real name. I was won over by pictures and of course the writing. Maybe you will be too.

Just as I was getting used to having a good number of blogs to visit, I was visited by a girl named Kitty. Anyone with the name Kitty would win me over but this was the start of something beautiful. In my head at least

Finally, I want to mention Greta, a very hot lady who is nu to my site. I think you will also approve Gobby Bobby... check this girl out but remember, her 5% lesbo is all for me... well we can dream.

And so, I do hope you take the time to visit these links cos it fuckin hurt my hand sorting them out so so me a favour and read at least one. I have nothing of interest to tell you today or no grotesque opinions I wish to voice. I feel I have become rather stale of late, hence the slight change in my colour scheme. I decided the old look was slightly too brash, even by my standards and I hope you all approve of the move away from the blue and massive letters. I can now view my own page without the shame of a huge

Glitter Splashed Britney Lovin' Lesbo

screaming at me and the entire university.

You know, it's even been at least a week since I spotted an accentuated fanny and that was the Queen of Fun's so I don;t suppose it counts. I havent seen a classic blue jeans arse in about 4 days and the last time I saw a perm? A good few hours ago. At least I can always count on tapered jeans making an appearance wherever there may be people. And I will leave you now so I can go home and eat some good food and not worry that Rose Street is on fire (which it is by the way) but before I do, can I just say that stonewashed denim will never be fashionable. I'm tellin you there. Yeah you who barged into the sandwich queue with your sharp nose who thought that flared stonewashed was the way forward, that I, The Fee, should stand aside for you because your stonewashed get up was not tapered. I doubt it. I know they came from somewhere as tacky as New Look so don't stand there with your fake adidas and crap jeans and think you are trendy because my arse clad in leopard print is more trendy. I've seen more style on a naked man. Oh and by the way, your dad is gay. Not only gay but a cottager so the next time you come near me with your snidey looks and your short tie dye legs I will tell you this, loudly.

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