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Friday, November 1

The other day I fancied some fresh orange juice. Despite the warnings to the contrary I proceeded to down a litre of the purest, sweetest orange juice you ever did see or taste. It was so good that I just couldn't stop guzzling it. It was dribbling down my chin as I drank and drank and drank, hoping the boottle would never finish cos it tasted that good. Everyone was like 'fee you're gonna puke' but the more I drank the better it tasted and the more I wanted. I sucked up the last drops after a whole minute of drinking and then my head started to go all fuzzy, to match my freshly blown dried hair. I began to wobble slightly and before I could say 'hmmm juicy goodness' I was bolting up the stairs, throwing everyone out of the way, waving my fists like a bad 1960s horror movie zombie, not caring who was in my path. I made it just in time to the toilet as I projectile vomited my complete litre of delicious orange juice and watched in horror as it sprayed not only the bowl but the walls surrounding the toilet and my new pale coloured track top. It was quite beautiful and took a mere 20 seconds to empty my guts in such an artistic manner. Jeez it felt good but the wallpaper looked like a work of [f]art and had me scrubbing for days to remove all traces of my indulgence. What a waste of 89p. Jusy thought I'd share.