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Friday, November 15

Sorry to keep banging on about that bloody 'arm up fanny' poll but it appears as though there has been some confusion over the term 'fudge'. Clearly to many 'readers' the term 'fudge' is associated with 'ass', possibly after 'fudgepacker' or whatever its roots may be. However, while I am vile and completely nosey, I didn't want to know who loves bit of knuckle between their cheeks as the term 'fudge' to me is an elongated version of 'fud' and therefore when I refer to a 'fudge' I mean PUSSY. SO, you keep your nails up arse stories to yourselves :-) As this only came to light today, it now makes me wonder whether those who answered 'yay' to a fist up their fanny really thought I meant 'ass' and thought I was asking who loves that much flesh up your back passage? Jeez. Maybe that's another lesbo sex thing I need to find out about... and so it's time for anotherpoll... who likes a bit of meat with their gravy? No, just kidding. I'm off polls of my own, at least until I can think up another that may offend people. Ok, give me 5 minutes.

So, not everyone was offended, by that damn poll, which has had more references than my beloved, Britney for fucks sake.

One last thing and Fisting: Yay or Nay will never be mentioned again: The following is Charmin's reply to them that got offended. How I love this woman.

Miss fee, don't YOU apologize! I think you ARE shy, incredibly CRASS and yet deee-lightfully honest. Truth be known, I think that fisting either scares you, or does not interest you in the slightest, but you read about it in my post and wanted to know if you are missing out. And you wanted to know what others thought about the girth of someone's entire hand in their finer parts. (I said nothing about ass my dear.) And SO WHAT if you are so bold to question it, that's your "style." Seeing, hearing, and reading something foreign to you makes you wonder what it's all about. And then you write about it in the purest stream of consciousness form I have ever seen. I have read many writers who claim to be stream of consciousness, but you my dear are the purest. You can also be judgemental just like meredith, but YOU are never too dignified to talk about it, and are never afraid, at least in your writing, about being too bold. That is what I love about the fee.