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Wednesday, November 13

Why does it always start to torrentially rain whenever I start walking somewhere where there is no bus route, when I have holey sneakers on and when my hair which is big enough anyway has just been washed? I began my 45 minute walk to uni this morning thinking I was well prepared for any little showers that may occur as I had my swanky umbrella for ultimate protection. I'm only about 10 minutes into my journey, which has seen me leave all bus routes for miles around, when it starts to lash. My umbrella gave only the top of freshly washed hair any coverage and by the time I slipped around in wet leaves and arrived at uni, I was one sodden rat. I don't think the rain has ever caused me to be so wet before. I will probably never jump into water with all my clothes on so at least now I know what it feels like. Horrible, like I'm oozing water from my every orifice. My impractical coat also stained my jumper nicely and ensured my crotch is as moist as the rest of me. Even my pants are soaked through. Not something I'd complain about under normal circumstances but today, it's definitely something worth moaning about. My feet, due to the extreme holeyness of my once glittery pretty dunlops may never walk again, not in silence anyway. They squidge and leak water with my every step. It's not pretty and my odour eaters will be ruined! Ruined I say! And what's worst is that there is not a hand dryer in sight in this place. How the hell can I dry my cold and wet fanny with a communal towel? It's just not possible. I wouldn't have minded contorting myself under a hand dryer for a bit of warmth but there's no way I will be caught rubbing myself with a stripey pull down towel. It's just not on. My reputation is bad enough without adding 'random public fiddler' to all the list of my other heinus credentials thank you very much. I must go and let the pnuemonia (sp????!) wreak havoc through my body silently.