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Sunday, January 19

Happy anniversary to my lovely lady and to moi. Well, officially our 8 monther was yesterday but as I was in the rage from hell I thought it better if I didn’t write anything at all. Otherwise, any sort of entry may have read like this:

Jesus Christ. I want to extract the vains from my arms and wrap them round my neck and pull tight until my eyes pop out of their swollen sockets and fall to the ground where I can trample them with my stupid fat shoes.

So yeah, today after at least 6 hours sleep, as opposed to the 3 I have been running on for the past few weeks, I feel slightly less aggressive and more awake. I would also like to warn you readers, that there is a slight chance that this entry may be a tiny bit gooey and may make you wanna see the contents of your gut. So, if you think you can handle The Fee telling you, again, how much she is in love then please do feel free to read on. But, on the other hand, if you think you cannot cope with Miss Fee being sickly emotional then I will understand and you should return another day for more tales of tripe.

May was my favourite month of the year. I can’t stop thinking about our first kiss. When I try to sleep all I see is us huddled in a doorway, just off a large taxi queue and I remember all the tingles that went with those first kisses and those tingles still make a very frequent appearance :-) We kissed for so long that the 2 mile taxi queue had vanished without us having noticed anyone or anything for what could have been hours. And from then on I have had the best time. She makes me laugh so hard and everytime I see her, I cheesey grin so wide I swallow 4 houses, 16 cats and 14 dogs in the process. If the last 8 months were good, with our dollop outings to swing parks, breaking into mazes, running around Landmark like kids and generally having a fantastic time, then once my lady returns with her joined up freckles (he he baby) then we are going to have an even more fabulous time. It’s gonna take some beating but I’m sure things can only get even more amazing.

My lady will be home in 2 weeks 1 day and the amount of ‘missing’ I have done has hurt so bad but just think of all that catching up we have to do… No, don’t you think about that. That’s for mine and Lil Red’s thoughts only ;-)

And so I go to think about my baby some more and hope the happy camper is surviving with all the beasts and a general lack of civilisation.