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Monday, January 27

How was the weekend for you? Mine was homegrown. The group was lacking in members, with some with their partners, some in Edinburgh and some at birthday events so there was only Beautiful Boy, Sexy G, Queen of Fun and of course Moi. What party is complete without the Fee ingredient? Sad truth of that statement is ‘every party’. The food run was done in advance anticipation and I was so excited when I came to the ‘flavoured cheese’ aisle that I stocked up my basket with about 40 different varieties, from mustard cheese, to horseradish cheese to turdy cheese. I didn’t care. As long as the main ingredient was cheese. Yes, I’m sure I don’t like dick. Anyway, this was even more exciting that a regular munchie run because I haven’t eaten properly in weeks. I know you will find that very hard to get your chops around, but really, I have been living on babybels and apple and mango juice for about 5 weeks now. It’s not a conscious choice because you know I can refuse food as well as I could refuse the lure of a pretty Britney. It’s weird but I miss my food. I wasn’t disappointed when I felt the appetite growing larger than I know my gut could accommodate. I feasted all night. Sexy G feasted more and I had to keep up. The amount of cheese and crisps and dog biscuits that were devoured was vile. As were all asses after a block of blue cheese. All windows had to be thrown wide open to ensure we would not gas the dog alive. Mind you, I know I wasn’t the only one with ‘sex offenders’ yesterday but at least mine weren’t after having scoffed haggis and neeps. Jesus. I’m glad I didn’t see that person at all yesterday. I only hope their Gary Glitters have cleared up today in case someone is propelled along the dance floor due to more than adrenaline. So, the night was pretty stupid. We lost a Beautiful Boy to his bed I’m sure pretty early and the Queen was lost to the sofa, who of course didn’t feel any effects, she was just tired. Yeah. I got to sleep in the comfiest bed in history and the only thing missing of course was my Lil Red. Planning to make the most of our Sunday off we were up bright and early. The lure of the homegrown was too much however and six hours later the homegrown was disappearing faster than you could say ‘chuff chuff’ and we were still sat around watching the never changing music channels and still talking about the previous nights topics such as rim jobs, cling ons and G’s favourite position. I finally made it home a day later to pass out for a nice 12.5 hours, waking feeling slightly refreshed, and ready to pretend like its summer and go to the beach and then maybe go for a dance.

And what else? My lady is home in 7 days. Everything is all good.

Apolgies for the total 'flatness' and slightly uninspired blog entry. Sometimes my head can't turn dull things interesting or vice versa and this is one of those days.