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Wednesday, January 29

It's amazing what search words will lead people to your site huh? My new favourite search phrase is BLOATED PUS FILLED SWOLLEN SORE RED FANNY. Am concerned about the perversions of John and Dan who found me via this phrase. I mean, I love a fanny as much as the next beaver eater but what's delicious about a puss dripping pus? My teeth would like to remain white and not yellow tinged. And I'm sure John and Dan don't really wanna see the inside of a mangled up fanny do they? Please tell me it aint so boys! Surely you wouldn't want to put your lips to a fanny that is reminiscent of a decaying badger? Imagine the taste of putrid piss that would stay with you forever? No amount of mouth wash could kill that I'm quite quite sure. If the fanny is rotten then the pubes would either be sparse or crinkled and crunchy. Another thought I wish I didn't just have. May go now and think about flavoured cheese. No I think I lost that thought forever. Or at least for the next 30 seconds.

5 days to go. the anticipation may well kill me.