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Wednesday, January 22

Today I would like to share two shorter than trimmed pubes poems that were texted my way yesterday. It's just to show you how much my dear friends are concerned for The Fee and her missing of her hot chick.

First one up is from The Bo

Feely up Fee
How long will it be
Till your lesbo returns with your fanny key?

And to follow this theme, here's Bobby's effort

Thirteen days til some action for your chuff
But make sure to avoid the dreaded muff puff

So, while I thought my friends were worried for my fragile mental state, really all they are bothered about is me getting laid :-) fair enough.

Actually, now it's 12 days. And as I am waiting for Love to call, I really shoulnd't be on the Internet so off I go to wait for the phone to ring because that's all my life really involves right now. Don't be jealous. I've even started imagining phones ringing. I wake up in the night and will answer any phone out of the three that prop up my bed because I'm convinced i hear it ring. I donlt think that's normal. I don;t think I am normal but this is not a new revelation.