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Thursday, January 9

Well I was just reading back over some of my comments and I saw one I hadn;t seen before and was posted after my 'I miss Lil Red' post. Here's what amah had to say: 'do you want to feel like a king and to have a very happy life read about islam or be a mouslem and you well see the difrant'

Well, amah, thanks for dropping by and your comments were taken notice of but I have to say that despite my temporary sadness that I think I do have a happy life. And my lady makes me feel like a King ;-) so you know, just cos I am a little miserable right now and am incapable of feasting on cheese at present, it doesn't mean that I am always this depressive. I don't think I need to change my way of life but I will keep your suggestions in mind anyway, so thank you.