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Thursday, February 27

Jesus Christ. I don't know what I did but somehow I managed to click onto some porn gateway and now am being bombarded by pop up windows of chicks sucking dick, chicks fucking dicks and chicks with dicks. I wouldn't care so much if I were not sitting in a public lab at university trying so hard to do work on my stupid dissertation. I fear the system may crash cos of cock overload and the alarm bells will start to ring and sparks will fly from my computer and I will be shamed and banned from ever using the computers again. People keep looking over my incredibly large shoulder to see the beautiful images of immaculately painted nails enveloping exceedingly large veiny dicks. I should be thankful that my massivley fuzzy hair is obscuring their view so hopefully all they see are the stupidly long finger nails which could really hurt any sensitive area. Usually I don't mind a good ogle at a bad bit of smut but not today. The split beavers are too much. I can't cope. Really.