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Friday, February 14

Someone loves me! For the first time in the history of my dating life, I got flowers. Never before have I had flowers from someone who isn't my mum. It's very exciting. Someone likes me enough to carry flowers down the streets of Aberdeen! There's something about carrying flowers in Aberdeen that makes people gawp at you as though you have a panty moustache on blantent display. They screw their tight ignorant faces up and look at you in pure disgust, as though you really are strolling through the streets in the nude with your wobbles and pitted skin flapping in the wind. It's jealousy I know because no one would ever buy their squint faces flowers. Oh they are such pretty flowers. Well I assume they are. They are pink and they are from my love so they are pretty. My love could have given me turds on sticks and I would have deemed them the most beautiful flowers in the world and would have entered them into worldwide competitions so everyone could see how loved I am :-) Oh and get this... I also got my Britney DVD... with all them beautiful added extras and now I can press pause when watching the favoured 'singing in pants' scene without all the fuzzy lines making the pants look like bloomers. It's all too much. I love Valentines Day. But only when I have someone to be with. I was always the one at school who would send vile cards to just about every boy in the school and never receive one in return. Everyone would know they were from the fat girl with the large fringe. Oh I am so ashamed. But not to worry, now those boys who are uglier than thou and have no chance of a shag will never again get the unwanted attentions that I lavished upon them so hideously from the ages of 10-15 and instead my poor Lil Red will get every ounce of it, minus the large fringe of course. Today is going to be a fabulous day. I hope you all have a lovely day also and that there's much lovin' to be done.