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Thursday, March 20

Some up-their-fat-arse lesbo just gave me the biggest amount of attitude for walking into her untimetabled class. The same fuckin blobby arsed dyke that I held the door open for yesterday. The same mis-shapen queer who when I was so gracious enough to not let the door whack her in her global face looked at me with such gratutude that she was close to tears. A bit of chivalry is clearly amiss in Oddly Oblonged face's life. My period red face is still recovering from the shame and humiliation that was imposed upon me in front of those damn pre pubescent first years who chortled under their cheap fag breath. Today was such a good day too. The sun is not shining but the sky is blue and my hair is kinda pretty. I went to the hairdressers yesterday and the shy junior found my G spot again... hmmmm and I got four whole extensions shoved in my head. Well actually it was five. I could only aford four so i got one for free because it was the last in its colour. So now I got two electric blue, two fuscia pink and one dark purple. Its amazing how your mood can be lifted when someone makes your hair look real nice. And so I go to finish writing the blog entry I originally started and not think about Frumpy Gay Spice whose ass I am seriously gonna waste when I wedge my over sized shoe up it.

Oh and as a final thought, does it bug anyone else when you wear large shoes that the toilet seat is closer than if you don't? I always alternate between sneakers and fat shoes and when I have on chubby shoes I always always misjudge how far I need to squat to reach the seat and always thud down and jar my back. It's painful and always gives your ajoining neighbour the impression that you, the fat whale, has clattered off the seat onto the floor and has therefore probably pissed all over your once cute jeans. Toilets. Oh there's so much more where that came from. But so little time and so much Indian music that I am being forced to listen to that is putting me off even writing shite.