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Friday, May 2

Miss Tiki enquired as to whether I will have an outfit to go with my new four wheeler booties. Well Miss Tiki, let me tell you bout the gear that will go perfectly with my speed queen shoes. Seeing as the boots are so obviously very 80s I must continue with this trend. A swanky pair of leg warmers (red and black striped or fuscia because who the hell cares what coordinates?), scrunched down (4 folds per leg) on top of my jeans and over my boots will look the bomb. As will a new skirt, preferably black and white camoflage (or my new pink camo one), over my faded flared black jeans (NB Not skinner 1980s rock star). A layered look of tee shirts and vests of varying colours will be adorned to cover top half flab and of course on the right wrist there will be 34 plastics bangles also of varying colours and on the left I will be sporting my new mesh sleeve (not quite the arm warmer I was after but hell it's flourescent pink) and multiple sweatbands which will ensure I sweat profusely and have an arm fatter than my thigh. Yes, it will be that large. And there you have it. Fee's Roller Skating Get-up. Neither cool, coordinated or practical for the physical purpose I intend wearing it but hey, all in the name of roller skating fun. As it is, as is the weather in this delightful shithole, I have not yet graced the streets of Aberdeen on my quad wheels. But dont worry, as soon as I do, as soon the rain decides it's ruined enough of my days off, this dollop will be cruising as with as much decorum as a whore in an orgy, through the parks of Aberdeen for as long as my large legs will allow. 3 minutes and 26 seconds is my estimate.

Off I go to drink beer and think and dream about my personalied glitterised skates and the day we can be together properly.

Enjoy your weekend, only two more weeks til I can return to my usual blogging activities. It's very exciting. Maybe not for you however but for me I miss my daily rants and less frequently, raves so my return is long overdue.

Hope its sunnier where you are.