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Friday, June 20

By George I think she's done it. Actually I have. I got my 2:1. I feel so special. Apparently I'm getting a prize for my greatness. Actually I don't know why I am getting a prize but I am. The only problem with this grade is that now I will have to do those things I didn't really want to do but said I would because I didn't think I would actually get the grade. Here is that list as a little reminder of the torture I will now put myself through, voluntarily.

1) Having never been upside down on a roller coaster and being scared to do so, I will do this.
2) I will watch a scary movie at the cinema. Something else I have never done and hoped I never would.
3) I will give up cheese for 2 weeks
4) I will read a 'classic', if I manage to stay awake.
5) I will wear a skirt to graduation
6) I will get a new piercing
7) I will lose weight (giving up cheese for 2 weeks may allow me to do this...)
8) I will learn to drive

The only thing I actually look forward to is the new piercing. I just needed the motivation to add another to my diminishing collection. The removal of cheese from my diet will begin for 14 days on Monday. I would start it today but as I am celebrating, I need cheese. And lots of it. I think for my scary movie I will see Identity but I must be allowed to sit on a aisle seat incase of sudden bowel eruptions. Sadly this is not an option for the roller coaster thing. I will just have to let it fly through the seat of my pants. The skirt at graduation is a slight cop out because I will wear it over trousers and let's not yet talk about the possibility of learning to drive, properly. I mean I already have 63 lessons under my more than ample belt so how many more can it possibly take??

Something else I gotta tell you. I have been offered a 'studentship' at the university for 6 weeks. Paid. I start on Monday. Do you think I am now an official geek? Or am I just talented, as a certain someone who also bagged a 2:1 might say? I'd go with the former. Though I will never resort to brown, forest green or chinos. The glasses and the unkempt hair are not a problem however.

Anyway, this nerd is off to do very little and prepare for tomorrow night's party. Life is all good.