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Monday, June 23

Don't you just wish that the world was a friendlier place? Or at least like one of these freakishly cheery neighbourhoods where you exchange pleasantries with everyone who passes without feeling like a loner or a pervert. I wish people weren't so suspicious of a smiley face. Why are people so scared to talk to people they pass in the street? I aint talkin about striking up a full blown conversation with every freak and geek but you know, a simple hello and a light tilt of the mouth and raise of the eyebrow to acknowledge someone's presense is all I ask. I hate when you walk down a deserted street and you see a solitary person walking toward you because then I get all, 'do I make eye contact?' 'do I smile slightly? ' will i go all out and say hey?' and by the time you've constructed flawless arguements both in favour and against each option you have marched past the solitary figure with your head down muttering to yourself. I just feel so awkward in these situations and I wish people were just more comfortable with an acknowledgement. but then I guess the rule is 'Don't talk to strangers' and it's embedded in your head since you were old enough to pretend you care. Older people are more forthcoming with their greetings for strangers I have noticed. But then they get labelled weirdos and people try their best to aviod being stuck with them at the bus stop. I mean sometimes I do wish the lil old lady wouldn't talk to me about her corns and bad blue rinses but it's much nicer to sit and listen to Peg Leg than it is to sit with my head trailing along the ground and praying that no one will acknowledge me. So, if you see me in the street please say hello. It takes two seconds to say hello and it's less effort to ignore someone. But a simple hello will suffice. I don't want your life story and I don't care to be questioned and if you stand within my personal space I will slap you hard because the invasion of personal space is not something I suffer lightly. So, don't break my rules but please dont pass me by without a thought because you could make a a lesbo happy and surely that's something that everyone wants to do right?

Away to see how many people I can get to say hello to me without resorting to yelling, screaming and nipping.

Today's Likes

My new research job
Being paid for Internet trawling (......)
The total lack of supervision in this job
New Blogger
Flattery, it really does get you everywhere :-)

Today's Dislikes

Split ups :-(
Chapped lips when they stick to cold cans
The fact I been feeling so shitey lately
My hair. Big. Again