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Tuesday, June 24

I decided to go wander. I couldn't be bothered actually moving to do this, considering all I would see in this almost empty place is 2 sweaty students, the odd lost lecturer and about 5 bored kitchen staff so instead I thought I'd wander in cyber space. Nothing unusual for the ever seekin excitement Miss Fee but I always find cool, odd or just plain shite weblogs that I never remember so have decided to record them here for my pleasure. Or yours. But mostly mine. I don't know if you actually visit my links but you should. I usually have them here for a reason. But I guess that figures. So I picked a random webring and followed a link from each page. I based my search on titles that held my attention long enough for me to direct my mouse toward them.

So, I picked a random blog from Blogging Brits and this Wookie will be dumping more than just thoughts on the world if the canteen curry continues... beware indeed...

Our danger-of-dumping Wookie took us far and wide... or no where actually... Not a link in sight and so I was forced to pick another random blog from a webring. And so I found the title 'Girly Gang: 5 girls and a blog party' too good to miss out on. Sadly it was all blog and no party and no real gang propping up the door allowing only those on the guest list in. I was already for a fight too. And once again no links. NO links whatsoever. I don't like blogs that have no links. It broke my stride. What, you too good to form links with other sites? Not even a webring link so how can the gang be part of the one that I found them via?? So i retraced my steps and tried again.

It had to be tongue in cheek, mainly because I thought it was a metaphor for rimming. It was not. I moved on again. Big fat blog because I thought it was a metaphor for me. It could have been. It was about obesity and all things related. I was once again stuck for links getting annoyed.

And just when I'm ready to abandon my blog journey that was one wrong turn after another, I find this title: You are a china shop, I am a bull. And then I find the blog. And then I wasn't so sad afterall. And from there I was introduced to Leigh the Pony because Leigh is a pony. Yes. And lovely Leigh passed me toward My Little Pony which completed my short trip through cyberspace and I managed to visit at least 6 blogs I have never seen before. It was quite enjoyable if not a little frustrating and reminded me that there is a pony called Lickety Split which people still don't believe me about.

Away now to justify to my lecturer why I have done very little but gotten paid to do so much more. Aah.