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Monday, June 16

I know exactly just how uncool sweatbands have become. I was aware that the trend for this accessory that I have been ridiculed about over the past three years was spirraling out of control and into 'sad' territory when they began to appear in the shite trailer trash shops such as International and Quiz but now it has gone too far. Not only is every second NED wearing one (or unfortunately for them, one on each wrist) but now as good as all the inhabitants of Big Brother are cutting around in them. When the likes of the loveable yet oh-so-dorky Cameron are sporting them it just makes me realise that this trend should die. I will never give up my sweatbands, even though they have become more popular than david beckham because they are my favourite accessoy in the history of accessories and so I must hope, as with every other trend, that they will slink back out of fashion very shortly and I can be left to be unfashionable yet sometimes quirky Miss Fee with her own sense of sytle, or lack of it. And please please people, if you really must wear them and totally cheapen my thang, wear them properly. One on each wrist is not a good look, neither is any with sporting motifs (you listening Angelika from CBBC?). Get over it. Please. Find a new craze. And please by-pass fingerless gloves and arm warmers and the mesh sleeves.

So, how was your weekend? Mine was swell but the two day hangover is not. I managed to stay up till, wait for it... 6am. Only once have I ever lasted that long and that was some new year when I ended up on the wrong bus home and had to walk for miles and hours in the not so desirable areas of the city to get to my home. I am such a lightweight and a sleepy turd that I am usually packed away to bed before I turn violent or weepy by 2am. So I don't know what happened on Saturday. We drank for about nine hours (and I didn't puke, woo hoo) and I can probably piece together about an hours worth of events. It was fantastic though. There were no traumas (though my sweet J Bo, can we please please listen to at least one full song next time??), no vomits and plenty of carrying ons. There was tomato juggling, fanny showing, poofs recreating the fanny look for themselves, much bad dancing, poof porn, many declarations of 'friends forever' and generally so much hilarity. But, after a whole 3/4 hours sleep from Satudary to Sunday, yesterday I was feeling so weird. I hallucinated a little and felt like I may pass out at any given moemnt but he pivotal point was when I went out with my folks for a Fathers day meal and had to leave early because I had to keep shaking my head to keep me from spinning out into madness. It was not a good look. But anyway, it was worth it. And now I go to meet my J Bo for some much needed coffee so enjoy your Monday. Me and mocha will.

Today's Likes (this may be hard)

Harry Potter out on Saturday!
My hair, today it decides to behave
My baby Lil Red
My nails, so beautiful

Today's Dislikes

People who drink through the sports cap on bottles. The noise is sick.
Too many men in chinos.
Embarrassing yourself in front if those who know you least
The fact I can barley see out these alsmost non-existant eyes
Baldy Bushes (contradiction)