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Monday, June 30

New York. I'm going. Yes really. I got a phonecall on Friday asking how I was fixed for 10 days in August and if I wasn't doing anything better would I and my girl like to go to New York. There was no time to weigh up the 'can i afford it' and 'shit what if I panic attack on the plane' options. Clearly there was nothing else to say aside from' eh, yeah'. My ever obligin work agreed to give me a further two weeks off and so I'm going. Just like that. So needless to say I'm totally high. The Gentleman, Beautiful Boy, Lil Red and myself let loose in the big city is all too much to take in. I have been trawling the Internet looking at all the cool things I will see, buy and do and apart from the rainbow brite and care bears sweatbands, I have a feeling that the highlight of my holiday will be the gay roller disco. I don;t think I will take my own spangly boots for the occasion but I will most certainly be hiring a pair, getting twatted and skating like I, or no one else, has ever skated before. I can barely comprehend the fact that I'm really getting to go. Sadly the main thing I wanted to do, should I ever visit New York, was go to britney's restaurant and steal lots of things but yes it went bankrupt within months. Doubt it. Does she know who I am? Apparently not. Anyway, so much to do such as get a passport (Dic) and locate some more far too cool shops so if anyone can recommend anywhere, do let me know.

Today's Likes

Bloodhound Gang
Thinking about how much fun we are gonna have
My jaunt to the country on Saturday with my girl
Bandanas round wrists
Hello Kitty armwarmers

Today's Dislikes

Not having a passport (spaz)
Spinny tiredness
Oh the jealousy
The farts that follow North American Potato Cassorole - stand back
My power diet - 6 weeks to lose at least one gut. Smart