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Wednesday, July 9

I hate mobile phones. I mean sure I love that mine has a sexy flip and is shiny and silver and that I can text faster than I speak but I think they are the most anti-social inventions since shell suits. For instance, on any night when my group of friends hang out, at each moment there is always at least one third of the group chatting to someone else on their mobile or furiously having a text argument or fuck. It's really annoying. I know I aint exempt from being the annoyance who is continually texting but after Saturday night I have decided to give it up when out socially. I'd be embroiled in an indepth conversation with someone when the beep beep went and was then left talking to myself and a bowed head which would every so often nod or 'mmm yeah' in agreement when really they had no clue what the hell I was on about. So i'd turn to someone else and they'd be doing exactly the same. What's the point in going out in a group if you are more than happy to sit there alone but for the company of your phone? But whats more annoying is when there will be a two second pause in a conversation and someone will pick up their phone and start chatting to someone else and we are forced to listen to their big voice giving a made up account of some event we were also at. It's so bloody rude. Not only that but texting I'm sure must be the biggest cause of depression. You get drunk, text someone you like, they don't respond or they respond in what you consider to be an unacceptable fashion and that's you rolling round on the floor, kicking your legs hard against your ass and moaning that you are fat and ugly and deserve no one. Sadly for me, I don't need the alcohol or the phone to reduce me to this state. Text messages are for bull shit. They give your this added confidence to say things you would never dream of saying over the phone. 'Hey how you today, PS I love you' 'Hi, how u doin, PS I hate you'. If you can't say something to someone's face then it is not worth saying. Text messages get everyone in trouble. I mean how many times have you wound up sending the wrong message to the wrong person? Or how many times have you pretended it was intended for someone else in order to provoke a reaction? And how many times have you sneaked a look at someone else's messages and really wish you had never? I know I have and got the biggest fuckin shock of my life (Cheers for that, did I ever tell you how much I hate you both for all that? Yeah that's right I did. How's the wall?) and I know many have read mine and gotten spiteful because there was just too many kisses in that message and someone got called a foxy american chick within the lines. So from now on, I will keep my phone in the confines of my bag which is so damn large that once something goes in there is more chance of it appearing in Britney's pocket than there is of it making its way out of my bag again. And if you all must take your varying sized phones with you can you please not text 27 times for every drink and please don't feel the need to call everyone you have ever met while we are chatting turd. Or maybe I will just learn to make my conversation more scintilating. Damn that will be hard.

Today's Likes

My new sticker camera
The sun when it doesn't make me sweat like a crab in a nun's fanny
Feeling better today than I have in too long
Charlies Angels: full throtle. Totty town
Liquid nail foil. Posh term for nail varnish

Today's Dislikes

How old people twirl their keys around their fingers for the duration of their bus journey
Smelly hair
People breathing too loudly too closely to my neck
The wind that follows eating pea soup
Having no motivation to do work