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Friday, July 11

I will watch a scary movie at the cinema. Something else I have never done and hoped I never would.

Okay, I have completed one thing on my list. Last night I was dragged by my stupidly wavy hair to see Wrong Turn, my first cinema scary movie. I was very reluctant to see it in such a public atmosphere but the only thing that made it bearable was this:

Well almost bearable. I walked into the cinema and the film had begun and all I could see was blood and all I could hear was screaming and I turned round and walked out again. My friends passed this scene I had just witnessed off as a trailer and took hold of my arms and pulled me in. I selected a seat so near the front that in order to see the screen I had to get a severe bout of neck strain but I had to ensure I was close enough to the door should this prove too much for my delicate little mind. I thought with Eliza Dushku looking hotter than I have ever seen her look that I would be able to watch in a horny daze but sadly with the neck slitting and the body butchering my eyes remained clasped shut almost throughout. It was comforting to be able to snuggle into my girl as we both averted our eyes to the beastlyness. I did provide much entertainment to the poofs who were more shocked at my inability to eat all the popcorn than they were at my reluctance to open my balled up eyes. I felt their wide eyes on me and heard their sniggering with my every wince but I was fucking shittin myself. Just as well I had on that maxi pad I tell you. I left to go to the toilet at the moment the wingey bitch got decapitated so that was fine, except I was then subjected to a detailed account of this by the thoroughly amused gay lords. I think it only lasted about an hour but it felt like a full on eternity in hell. Clammy paws and white faced I left the cinema to the cackles of 'that was so not scary Fee, you have to see another'. Doubt it. That was enough to nearly bring on anal leakage so there is absolutely no way on this earth (hot girl and snuggles or not) I will watch another. I now recognise that I am missing absolutely nothing by not watching these films. I don't care about the emotions it instills in me, these are emotions I could quite well do without but I feel good about having forced myself to do this because I didn't think I could. Neither did anyone else. But fuck, the dreams I had last night reminded me of why I need not pollute my mind with this kind of freak show.

Nevermind, I'm sure going upside down on a roller coaster could not feel this bad? Look out Coney Island here comes blubber.

Today's Likes

Meeting people you have not seen in ages
Eliza Dushku (hello who doesn't like this lil minx)
Hugs from my girl
Two-hour lunches (isn;t that what publishing is all about?)
Frida nights

Today's Dislikes

Bitten down nails due to film stress
My forehead looking larger than my tv monitor today
'no space for new messages'
The fact I have again succeeded in doing no work
Graduation day looming