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Tuesday, July 29

Mind the GAP

I want to talk about GAP. That’s GAP clothing, not gap in tooth, gap in gaping or gap between the door and the platform. My issue is not with child labour, I leave that to Amnesty International. However, my issue is equally moralistic. Really. I am concerned about the fact that GAP are almost solely responsible for the widespread distribution and wear of chinos.

Chinos: trousers made of a durable cotton twill cloth.

Fuck. These Grandad trousers even warrant a dictionary entry. GAP chinos are always colourless, tapered and half mast yet a huge proportion of the male population are cutting around in these bad boys which are nearly always teamed with deck shoes with massive bows or brown tightly pulled boots which are about as cool as ring sting. For the top half, when wearing chinos, you will find men in a classic baseball tee, tucked in polo shirt or highly buttoned shirt, long or short sleeved, usually badly patterned. I just don’t get it. Is there a need for such a huge fashion faux pas that is seemingly performed worldwide? Should GAP be allowed to contribute to the demise of the half decently dressed man, just when straight men were beginning to evolve into the gay man’s way of dressing so well? Should child poverty be the only thing that Amnesty International campaign about with placards outside GAP? The answer to both these questions is a resounding NO. Please for the good of mankind the world over will you ditch this maybe once was cool in 1956 design of trousers? Or if you really must insist on packing your stores full of them, could you re-design them? How about a black pair with a little bootcut that flatters your shape a little? How about a trouser length that actually fits over your brown boot? How about a little less of the brown boot? Just please, no more beige and khaki chinos because I can’t take it no more. Men’s asses should be encased in tapered trousers as often as women’s should. Never. People would do well to remember that.

And so I go to do that thing I really shouldn’t. You should try it sometime. You just may like it.

Oh and here’s a random thought for this day of pure annoyance. You manage to offend a ‘friend’ when you are drunk. Another friend manages to offend the same person minutes later. The doubly offended person then decides to stop talking altogether to the original offender yet not the second offender, using claims of ‘drunk’ in the second offenders defence, despite the fact that the offended person sent the original offender a message the following morning ackowleging how drunk the original offender was but yet will not talk to the original offender again. The offended person then goes on to claim to others how mad he/she is at the second offender but yet will not fall out with the second offender and STILL wont talk to the original offender. So the second offender is permitted to make drunken insults but the original offender is thrown aside like a piece of the offended person’s shite. A definite case of double standards and sadly, burnt bridges. Confused? Confuddled? Yeah, me too.

Today’s Likes

Fucked if I know of any.

Today’s Dislikes

Everything about this whole issue
The hypocrisy of some people
Flat arses
The fuckin builders next door
Pseudo relationships