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Thursday, July 31

Things I have done since I last wrote: (in no particular order)

Got hungover and ragey on wine
Picked up 7 dog poos, some squishy some perfectly solid
Played strip poker with Lil Red and Harry Potter cards while drinking beer and cider
Gaily laughed along as Beautiful Boy demonstrated lighting his farts
Over ate on cheese and smoothies
Bit my once beautiful nails to stumps
Didn’t tell my ma and pa about the visit from the Police
Forgot to remove my shiny disco ball from its temporary position in the garden
Got humped twice by my dog
Watched half of Basketball Diaries and all of Too Wong Foo
Didn’t get paid
Washed my hair, realising it had been too long since I last did so
Cleaned sausage fat from my grill. Cheers carnivores
Watched bad lesbo porn and cringed, and the rest
Listened to The Matrix and my J Bo special 80s tape on repeat
Discovered I had real BO
Thought about leaving the house
Scrubbed puke out of my sleeping bag. Thanks Babs.
Had two nice days with Lil Red
Got depressed cos I want a house of my own
Read some of Disco Bloodbath and laughed out loud repeatedly
Pissed about 6 people off including my parents who have been home a half hour
Had a dream about threesomes with Lil Red, myself and Beautiful Boy
Was subsequently sick
Packed up my paddling pool for yet another year
Ate 6 veggie burgers and complained about my large gut
Woke up to the best cuddles
Worried about the heat in NY and contemplated short trousers for a brief second
Wondered why people go to the circus
Adorned massive glasses and looked like a prick
Got too involved in the Angry Anderson song: Suddenly.
Remembered the Scott and Charlene days and wished I was a mechanic
Got jealous cos Lil Red got a J Bo lap dance
Removed the worm that slipped into my flip flops and in between my hairy toes
Realised that I really really need a life

And so I go to try and find that life that I so desperately require. I may be sometime.

Listening to: Angry Anderson: Suddenly. Yes still.