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Tuesday, July 15

Well bugger my asshole. I have spent two days of pure hell trying to find a friggin outfit for graduation which happens to be a mere 23 hours away. After trawling around the minky shops of Aberdeen and experiencing a mutitude of changing rooms in which I sweated and hyperventilated and convulsed, I finally found a pair of gay pinstripes which didn't emphasise the whole of the moon too extremely or cut so tight around my gut that my mulitiple bellies were gagging for air. Having vile arms and having been cajoled very much against my will by my mother into the wearing the colour of virginity, finding a top to go with my lesbo legs would be another major trauma however. Everything I tried either stopped under my tits or carried on below my knees and certainly made me look like an overstuffed hippo. It was sick. However, I still have a few hours remaining today to find the most ill fitting shirt I can and roll with it. Roll with it. I'm quite sure I will be rolling with it when I will without a doubt trip over my stupidly long queer trousers as I mount the stage tomorrow. That wont be all I am mounting I'm quite quite sure. Anyway, be safe in the knowledge that this time tomorrow I will be looking like a fud in a flappy gown and hat which I imagine will be too small for this jumbo head and mammoth hair.

Did you have a good weekend? Mine's involved heavy panting, heavy pants, heavy petting and heavy pets.

See you when I am a fully graduated prick as opposed to a fully undergraduated prick.

And if you can be arsed, recommend me a good book. Something funny would be swell.

Today's Likes

The return of Bunnie
The fact I have a job interview
Boys in kilts
Girls in tiny kilts
My girl in anything

Today's Dislikes

The fact I have a job interview for a job I wont get
Her, yes her across from me that is snifflin' and munchin on cough sweets so fuckin loudly that despite the booming 'house' in my ears I can still hear her.
The damn faulty zipper on my trousers and wearing lightly coloured pants. Not a good look
The sweat brought on my too tight shirts
Tapered fuckin jeans. How many times do I need to tell you people?

Oh and I just discovered a picture of me from that friends reunited site. Buggered if I know why but have a look if you want. It's very blurry (shite scanner resolution perhaps? or the reluctance to put the faces of us inbreeds up clearly for the whole world to see?) I am in the third row, five from the left as you look at the picture. I am a blurry featureless mass. Sick.

See far-too long haired Fee as she pretty much still looks today.