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Tuesday, August 26

And so I am back. If you even noticed I have been gone for two weeks or so. There is so much to tell you about New York but when I am asked what I did, I generally say 'not much' because explaining to people who are far too interested in the arty and touristy things that I mainly just shopped, looked around and drank in bars sounds rather dull and yobbish. Although I just summed up my entire trip in 3 brief statements, there was so much to those 3 brief statements. It's not that I think I'm too cool to do the touristy things like sit on an open top bus or go in a 50 second lift to the top of the empire state, it's because we saved the tourist things for the last couple of days but of course when the last few days came around and we were still sitting on hundreds of dollars each we realised that we has not shopped enough and of course, we had to get our priorities right. It was the best 10 days of my life. I have been born for New York and I have defiinitely decided it's the place I will eventually live and probably die. It's just so cool. Actually it was pretty fuckin hot and I didn't tan one bit but hey what's a non change in skin tone between friends? It was like being in another world entirely. The people, the places, pretty much everything was different and for me, better. The gay bars I went to were so impressive. There was so much choice and I didn't feel they were pretentious in the slightest. My top choices were XL, Beige, G's and Henrietta Hudson's. Beige is an apparent celeb hangout but sadly the only celeb I spotted in a bar was the gay boy from Erasure, not exactly a dream celeb spot but hey I did see Lucy Lui, that I am 95% sure of and of course it made my week :-) Thanks to Beautiful Boy we met Mr Latino who showed us our way and who has also had the pleasure of making Britney's acquaintence on two occasions and who serves celebs daily in the vile Luis Vuiton (I am not disturbed that I don't think I can even spell his/her name) store.

I don't wanna bore you further with giving you a daily run down of my schedule in the city but can I just say, how scary was the blackout?? Not a suitable experience for persons of a nervous disposition I can tell you. One friend stuck on the subway while the other three of us walked 7 miles home. You should have smelt our non air conditioned top floor room that night. Four people's sweat, four people's over walked feet, one person's cigarettes... not a great combination I should say. However, despite 3 uneasy bodies and one over excited body (NB if ever in a crisis and you have a Beautiful Boy at your disposal, please feel free to make good use of this boy as he works wonders for the soul), we were not bombed in the night and were able to walk around Time Square with the lights out the following day which was bizarre yet oddly cool. And so we bought out 'we survived the blackout 2003' tshirts and carried on regardless as those not so beautiful people from the south once sung. My only major issue with that blackout now is the fact that due to there being no power, I missed my friggin gay roller disco. I would have been the bomb at the disco, skating with inverted legs with the glitter flying from me faster than you can say, 'down goes the lesbo'. Gutted.

Anyway, this post has been rather mundane and matter of fact because I am tired and the nine o clock starts are killing me but I am now the proud 'owner' of the gay section in my new work :-) so please, come buy gay books from me and make me happy.

Oh and tomorrow I get to meet Darius and I'm sure I am the only person in work excited about this. I can't work out what I have to be excited about. Is it his charismatic persona? His dashing good looks? Not bloody likely, dyke. Anyway, dreams of darius aside, off I go to fantasise over bagels and squeezy cheese and wonder why my 9th belly now flops onto my shoe buckle.