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Friday, August 29

Atta girl... I haven't seen the video of this moment I never thought (though have surely dreamt about) I or millions of other people would ever witness but I was lucky to get the text messages early this morning detailing the event which gave me great mental images throughout the day. My number one girl and Lil Red's number one girl swapping saliva. Beautiful. I heard there were tongues an' all. I'm glad good ol' Madge chose to kiss my Britney first before gubbying her lips with those of mucky madam Aguilera. Though I don't think, judging by this picture, Christina is at all happy about playing second fiddle to Britney... She's like, 'o c'mon, do me first and do it hard and slow'. And again judging by this picture, Britney is hitching up her already almost chuff revealing skirt as though begging her idol to slip a digit as well as a tongue. Or maybe not but hey a lesbo can dream. Knowing Britney is not averse to lolling another girls tongue around in her mouth has probably made my life for some freaky reason. And knowing that is was Madonna's well used tongue she was carressing makes it all the more pleasing. Isn't this gay far too easily pleased?

And so I must go continue my quest for more photos which detail the insertion of tongue. Have a pleasant evening. I'm very sure that I will.