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Sunday, August 10

In two days time I will be in New York, sitting in gay bars with fishbowls in the restrooms and looking at unfamiliar faces for once. I can't wait. The fun begins tomorrow however with Beautiful Boy's birthday and the train journey to Glasgow. I should be packing my overly large case to accomodate my overly large clothes but instead I am doing my nails, straightening my freshly cut hair and writing my weblog. A girl has gotta make sure her priorities are right huh? This is my first holiday abroad with friends, and of course girlfriend, and I'm so excited that I am so gonna have to put a nappy on for fear of accidents. I'm also so knackered that I can barely comprehend anything that doesn't involve sleeping. This may be due to my usual two day hangover which is lingering around like an unwanted fart after Friday night's frivolity. I don't suppose tonight will be a night for much sleep either. I will try and write my blog when away but glitterqueer has gone hardcopy for the duration of my time away so I'm sure you'll get a look at that if you are lucky, or more probably, unlucky.

Other news worth mentioning. An baby was abandoned on mine and Lil Red's doorstep last night. Or in the early hours of the morning rather. Judging by the size of her she was very premature and she is called Baby Jessica and is very plastic. A certain Beautiful Boy and The Gentleman were responsible for our new synthetic friend who was left wrapped in a tea towel for me to stand on her squeaky belly when I blobbed my way to the toilet in a fuzzy, puffy eyed haze this morning. We have been given Baby Jessica in preparation for Baby Annabelle who is a new age Tiny Tears and burps and giggles as opposed to just cries and pisses when you squeeze her belly. It's all in preparation for when we can pop one of our own out. Considering Baby Jessica has been sleeping in a plastic bag in between being swung by the exorcist arms and being stood upon by careless feet, maybe it would be a better idea to get a puppy. Or maybe even a fake puppy. Oh well I hope Baby Jessica will enjoy New York as much as me and I hope customs don't remove her head to look for anything illegal. Maybe we will leave her at home after all. I don't want to not get into the country because of a suspicious pretend baby who has hair moulded into her eyelid-less head and wears polka dot.

Anyway, I hope to be around soon with tales of Fee in the city so now I go to attack the forest that is my legs. I could be sometime.