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Sunday, August 3

Reasons as to why OUT is the worst gay night club in Scotland Britain Europe The World:

Every song is mixed in with about five others
It is over crowded and it is hotter than the sahara
The only air conditioning it has is a portable fan
You wake the following morning with other people's sweat stains on your clothes
Men in tapered white jeans
You can't just get a glass of tap water, you must buy a bottle
The pattern on the carpet is busier than the combined sex lives of all its inhabitants
If your hair is longer than an inch you must be a fag hag
If you aint got a cock or don't want to snog the barmaid you don't get served
Half the bouncers are about as gay friendly as a straigh man's arse
There is always a butch crying in the toilet
Too much poppers which equals too many loose arseholes
The hot boys are always with the dogs
Monogamy seems like a foreign word
People in wasitcoats
No toilet roll
Lesbos freely skidding the bowl hence the lack of roll
Floor punch dancing
Over priced door charges
High hair
The tunes are older than Thora Hird's wrinkly ass
The knob in the mini skirt. fat knees
All the bleached blonde hair. So '98 boys
A lack of common curtesy
High waisted jeans and no shirt
Many vile naked bodies
People starting fights for no good reason
Too many straights thinking they r better than anyone else
Far to many GAP employees
No nice decor
No hot dancers
They allowed (and paid) the Fastfood Rockers to play
Lesbos get their boobs out when Kelly (who?) Lorena plays
Sticky dancefloor
Stolen drinks
A general all in all lack of character and atmosphere

Jesus, the list could go on and on. I'm sure many of these issues are prevelant in many places, not just Aberdeen's ONLY freakin gay club but I am sure that nowhere even comes close to rivalling OUT for being the World's Worst Gay Club. If you think it does, you really should go to OUT and judge for yourselves.

Maybe I should counteract all that with positive factors about OUT.

Reasons to be Cheerful

It serves alcohol
I can smooch my girl without getting a punch

That's all folks.