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Tuesday, September 9

I hade a three way on Saturday night in a high rise block of flats with my girl and Beautiful Boy while being photographed by the Arty Lesbian. Of course it wasn't all probing and stroking anything else except mouths and tongues but it was much fun nevertheless. We cannot think how the kissing game came about, or how we ended up licking tongues all at once but it lasted most of the night and it wasn't creepy or particularly sexual, except for the times when Lil Red and I cut out the middle man of course. But we enjoyed the light kisses and tongue caresses of our middleman. I don't make a habit of kissing people or giving the OK to my girl to go kissing people but it seemed like something that we should do. I love keeping my eyes open when I kiss Lil Red cos I love to look at her kissing face so it was weird but kinda hot watching her kiss someone else. Though I have to say if Arty Lesbian or the random straight boy had tried to mix their tongue up in the equation it would have been a different story completely. Kissing is amazing and we love Beautiful Boy so it seemed appropriate to be kissing him, or saliving over his face rather. The only down side to our piece of art titled 'Three Jon's Kissing' was the rash on my face the following day which I am sure people attributed to being down to stubble rash from another favoured region.

So yeah my weekend, aside from the three day hangover and mammoth pukes that were had, was fabulous. I hope this weekend will also be swell. Another gay bar is set to open giving our city a total of four which is impressive for Aberdeen but I'm sure they can't possibly all last. And also sadly you can change the venue but you can't change the people and even though they may be spread out like a whore's legs, no matter where you go, you are still within walking didstance of all the usual people. Many of whom are lovely. Many of whom really are not. But hell, I've had this rant far too many times so let's not.

And so I go to drag my tired and sagging ass to bed as my 12 hour sleep is calling my name louder than my alarm in the morning.

Today's Likes

Silver glittery nail varnish
Twelve by Nick Mcdonell
The lasting images that the Britney/Madonna kiss has imprinted in my tiny mind
Friendly kisses

Today's Dislikes

My lack of internet connection
Paragraphs, sorry have just never been grammatically friendly
My un neighbourly neighbours
People with more faces than I have bellies
My bellies which are once again growing in number

Oh and if you can be bothered, recommend me a good lesbo read. Rubyfruit Jungle was excellent.