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Monday, September 22

Saturday Night Equalled...

Eight drunken gays and two token straights on public transport, squishing faces against windows, taunting small dicked pub patrons and generally being the full on immature wide-os that we are more used to disapproving than being. Not all that wise on a bus headed toward one of the rougher areas of the city. Especially when someone asks where are you going and every member of the group, straights included, launch into an unprepared yet rather instinctively impressive version of Electric Six's Gay Bar. We got hurled off when the chorus of 'I got something to put in you' got louder than a rammy of toilet farts. I think our true un-yobbish and rather woosey selves was noted prior to this however when three youths who could have been 13 maximum got on and headed straight for the back of the bus amidst murmers of 'I'm gonna kill those gays' and we actually quietened down, forgetting there were ten of us, three of them and their collective age was younger than my pubes. Poor show. Not to worry, short-dicked man who deserved the abuse after thinking he was smarter than Carol 'maths genius' Vorderman by geticulating rudely through the bus window, did not catch up with us once we departed the bus to bruise us like we had so savagley beaten his macho ego with our taunts.

Our bus journey lasted a mere ten minutes and seemed to cost about £40 but we arrived at the Gay Bar with less sweat in our body pockets than we would have had, had we attempted to charge the ten of us up Union Street without being bumped and abused by our shallow minded residents of this vile place.

The Gay Bar was more habitable than the last gay bar we used to hate frequenting and with better music (no four songs being mixed into one song to show off impressive Dj-ing skills thank christ) and more places to hide from those you despise and for those who despise you, it made for a rather enjoyable evening.

Everyone was on good form and the antics were frivolous as per. Gypsy Frills Anon was shamelessly pimped out by her girl The Queen and offers of 2 for 1 on the pair didn't go unheard. The J Bo recklessly cast aside her photos of Darius after much shimmying led them to glide out of her understuffed bra. Babsy of course pulled (am hoping not because he didn't have enough taxi money) and I danced like the prick I am, arms and bellies flailing like an obese hula dancer.

And so it was our last night in Lil Red's pretty flat as we pack up OUR belongings and set up home together :-) Glittery pink bedroom here I come!

Today's Likes

Paid days off
Going Down by Jennifer Belle
People recommending me books, thank you
Sunday dinners... a massive round of applause to The Queen and GFA for my chronic wind
Rules of Attraction out to rent today

Today's Dislikes

Being disturbed by 28 days later
Being hungover for longer than is necessary
Random gatecrashers
Random gatecrashers who vomit all over the place and use whole rolls of paper to clean it up. Cheers
Being Single White Femaled