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Thursday, November 6

I met Kate Adie yesterday. Actually she said hi and smiled graciously as she wondered who this coloured haired, plastic bangled wearing lesbian was that stood blushing in front of her. Is it wrong to say I found her attractive? Admittedly it was more of a 'jeez she is hot' than a 'my that's a well turned out lady' kind of attraction. Is that so wrong? Well if you consider that Kate Adie must be over sixty then I guess it doesn;t seem logical or moral perhaps. If it helps in my favour she didn't look a day over fifty and the short skirt and the cleavage revealing top that she wore evidenced that the years and gravity have been more than kind to our lesbian icon war correspondant. Maybe my need to gawp at Miss?Ms?Mrs? Adie was more in a 'oh my god a celebrity! In Aberdeen! And she wasn't in Big Brother!' kind of way. Is there any point trying to justify an attraction to a possibly much older woman? In whatever repsect my fascination with Kate and her trademark extreme side shade was, I don't think I have learned how to be 'cool' in front of anyone more famous than me. I don't think the slinking around her table, as she signed her books, was very subtle. Nor was my loud guffawing I took upon myself to do in some vain attempt to be noticed when the grey-haired brigade blocked my view of this lady who could care less. I did notice a crew of fellow gays in the corner acting in a similar manner and then I didn't feel so creepy. Although they were at least over the forty age barrier and didn't look so conspicious fawning over a woman they had probably 'known' in her classically hot days when she was known as a 'phwoar correspondant'. Alas, I am sick. Alas I do not care because now it is lunchtime and there is cheese on the menu. And I have five glorious days off work.

And so I go cheap trouser shopping because I am a sucker for the sweat that polyester musters between the legs. Delicioso.