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Thursday, December 4

"hmmmm aren't I delicious..."

Surely colonic irrigation is one of the most humiliating things you can put yourself through? It’s certainly something that makes me colour the same shade of pink as my luminous highlights just thinking about it. I could never therefore actually lie there and have someone shove a tube up my ass, no matter how much of my toxins it promises to eradicate. I didn’t think there could be any other form of self inflicted degradation that could be any more dignity destroying than indulging in colonic. That was until Cheryl ‘Bucksfizz’ Baker decided she wanted her insides pumped out for free. I was horrified, as I am sure all other watchers were, to witness Cherly Baker getting a tube stuffed up her volumptuous arse and having the life extracted from her now expanded arsehole on reality TV show The Salon the other day. I was just tucking into my veggie mince when the show cuts to a portly Cheryl Baker lying on her side in what appears to be pure agony. I’m wondering what the hell is going on when we the camera cuts to a see through tube coming from her ass through which flakes of shit are quite clearly passing. Vomit. Why the hell, especially if you are Cheryl Baker and only famous because you won the Eurovision Song Contest for flinging your skirt off in about 1914, would you subject yourself, and millions of unsuspecting viewers, to shit vacating your dimpled ass? What would have you suddenly wake up and say ‘Hmmm, what to do today? I know, I will make an appointment for The Salon but I wont get my haircut or have a spa in front of 4 million viewers. That would be shameful. Instead I will whip off my tapered slacks, have a stranger part my flabby butt cheeks and shove a wedge of plastic into my sacred shit hole. Yes that’s what I will do today.’ What the fuck? I’m sorry but who could be so desperate for a sniff of fame when their time in the limelight clearly passed forty years ago that they would allow themselves to be filmed with bits of turd flying out their puckered arsehole? Cheryl Baker that’s who. Cherly Baker, you had the shit ripped out of you publicly, in every possible way. Well done Ms Baker, you are officially a media whore.

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The word ‘quirky’ especially when used to describe me in a less than complimentary fashion
My Britney pics that have disappeared
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