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Friday, December 26

Today is swell because:

I get to see my girl after two hugless nights
There is still over a week of 'fat fortnight' left
Britney woke me up girating on the TV
It's Boxing Day so surely there are more presents still to come...
I actually had time to paint my nails this morning
My digital camera is the bomb
Only one week till Amber Bensen (aka Tara from Buffy) comes to see me
I will actually shower
I am going to see Sugarbabes in 3 months and 2 days...
I have a meal with my buds to look forward to tomorrow night
I don't have to worry about my Lil Red leaving me to travel Oz tomorrow as I did this time last year
I am being kept company by Sugar Tuc
I am hot at my new playstation game
My hair is straight and extension filled
I had such a fun day yesterday, despite the over eating guilt trips I inflicted upon myself
I have 4 more days of work until I get 6 off
Santa still comes to see Miss Fee
All my fabulous presents form fabulous people

Today is turd because:

The veggie buttries laden with cream cheese have given me indigestion
Half my nail varnish is now stuck to the keyboard
I return to the madness that is the January sale in less than a day
Once my garndparents arrive I am sure to be subjected to, 'have you got a boyfriend yet' as they look at Lil Red as though she is non existant
My dog farted in my face as I drooled over my Britney
I am trying not to be so textually obsessed
I am only hot at my new playstation game because it is for ages 3+
My bellies are filled with chocolate
I feel wibbly, maybe because of all the sugar in my gut
My digital camera does not work on this vintage machine
I am still waiting for my prized possession lap top to make a full recovery after her illness
I received a '4 bag set'. Call me ungrateful ["ungrateful"] but hello, anyone who knows me knows I am so not a '4 bag set' girl
Christmas is almost over (despite my lack of festive cheer on XMas Eve brought on by shite customers I am sad that it's officially almost over for another 365 days)

Enough already. I must moan nomore as I must prepare myself for the arrival of relatives and the barrage of unanswerable questions I am set to receive.

I hope you all had a swell day and Mr Clause got your shoe size right this year.

Bu bye


Miss Fee XxX

PS how shite was World Idol last night? Kelly was of course fabulous and Will was cool despite his odd hair but the geezer doing flashdance... what the buggery was that about? I hope the butch dyke wins. Actually I think that was a Belgian plumber called Frank.