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Friday, January 30

Here's photos of my before and after tattoo which originally was a source of mockery for miss fee and is probably now still a source of mockery for miss fee but I feel a lot more comfortable with this one at least. Beautiful Boy designed it in New York and I almost got it done by the guy who tattooed Vin Diesel and Johnny Depp... Being my uncool luck it was his day off however and I got inked and chatted up by Robbie instead. Fee chatted up by a man? Yes it's actually true. He wanted to take me out and was gutted with my revelation that I prefered girls and was in no way bisexual. He didn't talk to me much after that but he was the gentlest tattoist I have ever met despite being a tad sulky cos I love the ladies too.

The dreaded tank girl 'design'...

Mass of black cover up...