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Thursday, January 15

I am so 24 going on 74. This revelation came to my attention as I lay in bed, stuffed my ears with foam plugs, dabbed my pressure points with lavendar, snapped on my sleeping mask and switched the light out at 9.30pm. I am one step away from a blue rinse. The only things I am missing are the varicose veins, a loose wig, low boobs and the over use of grey and brown in my wardrobe. I already have the humpf in my spine through years of being too lazy to stand up right, I persistently moan about irrelevant things and I have selected deafness. I just hope that the need to wear a panty liner in case of dangerous sneezes does not happen any time soon. I also hope that I do not smell faintly or urine or stale scones.

Oh poor Lil Red. Isn't she going out with the master of fun?