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Wednesday, January 21

I got caught with fist wedged about 4 inches up my nose last night. I was just about at the bridge giving it my all when a flicker of light caught the corner of my eye. As I turned my head right I saw at least 3 people staring out th window across from us pointing and beckoning for more to join them and view the amazing sight they were witness to. I don't know how long i had been at it but by the way they were lighting up fags and pulling up chairs I guess it must have been quite some time.

I forget that the only problem with being a voyeur in a block of flats is that generally, if you can see them, they can see you. Considering the nose assault and the rather offensive walkin around in hideous underwear after having forgotten to draw the blind I feel my behaviour has been a great deal less acceptable than that of most of my neighbours who like a closed blind as much a i do.

It is refeshing to note that I am not the most dull person in the world as originally thought after seeing that two of our neighbours come home and are in their pyjamas quicker than you can say,'peeping tom'. Is it exciting to see strange girls in their dressing gowns? Sadly there is nothing erotic about a dressing gown even when you know there is zip all under it. They are about as flattering as jump suits.

Of all the time I spend people watching I have yet to see nudity (men in pants and men with tops off is not included because that seems second nature around here) or anything sexual (no, man in underwear and woman in dressing gown groping each other with the sexual energy of dead moths is definitely not eroticl, especially considering the amount of body hair they had between them).

The most disturbing thing I hve seen is a woman with a wig using a sit up machine. When I saw the heavy gut contracting I thought I was looking in a mirror but after a hard 10 minute session I knew this not to be the case. Even from about 50 ft I could feel her sweat rolling off her now make-up free face which formed congealed clumps on her overstuffed reebok Tshirt. I think she got to 40 sit ups in that time which is 37 more than I would have done.

And so I go lick the windows clean as I perv on completely suspecting people wearing towelling.

Aint life sweet?