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Thursday, January 8

The monstrous locks have been chopped though not yet tamed!

I got a clean 6 inches whacked off my barnet and now instead of looking like Aslan I look more like Wurzel Gummidge. Actually It's one of the best hair cuts I have had and my scarecrow like appearance only manifested itself today after being caught in the rain which does no ones with hair any good. Considering it was the quickest hair cut I have ever experienced (no head massages and friendly banter for me) I was very surprised with the results, as I think was the unfamiliar hairdresser.

Not being able to get an appointment with my regular girl who inconsiderately decided to take a holiday on the one day a year I decide to get off my ass and get my unruly hair cut, i put the fate of my hair into the hands of a random. As soon as I walked in the door, only an hour before they were due to close, I saw the faces of my cutter and her junior hit the ground faster than I could say, 'bush'. I knew they were thinking, 'That long haired twatt should have booked a morning appointment and maybe we'd be finished by close'. The personal service I received suffered for my not realising that my huge hair was keeping them from vodka and anything not work related. Fair enough. It defiintely worked in my hair's favour however as no sooner had I been whapped under the tap rougher than a prepubescent boy clutching at chuff for the first time, than my hair was about a metre shorter, styled the way I had hastily asked and laden with more product than I'd dare ever use in a lifetime. My initail shock at the shortness was short lived as I realised my now 'mid-length' hair was still long enough to ensure there was no breeze on my neck. It's still a very cold winter here after all. And so the lack of chat, being rugged around by my ear piercings and almost having all my extensions torn out in the haste to get 'mighty hair' out the door was well worth it and I even exceeded payment by more than was appropriate, if only to relieve my guilt for keeping them from people who were not me.

And so I go rejoice in my at the moment very triangular hair while sucking on that absess in my gum. Delisioso!